Governance Committee

managing our governing documents

The Governance Committee is responsible for the development, maintenance, and review of the Governing Documents and for assisting in its interpretation. The Governance Committee is struck annually by the Board of Directors pursuant to Article IV of the Constitution. The term of office of the Governance Committee begins on May 1st and ends on April 30th of the following year.

The Governance Committee ensures the consistency of all articles of the Governing Document. If you Have a question about our Governing Documents please contact the Chairperson.

The Governance Committee reviews any newly proposed articles and amendments, ensuring that said proposed articles do not contradict the Governing Documents.

The Governance Committee also has the power to make recommendations of amendments, additions, and repeals of articles of the Governing Document to the Board of Directors.

They are responsible for ensuring all copies of Governing Document in the public domain are updated and complete.

The Governance Committee shall consist of the following 6 members:

  1. LUSU Chairperson 
    • (Non-voting)
  2. Two Members of the Board of Directors
    • One from the Thunder Bay campus
    • One from the Orillia campus
  3. Two Members who hold no other position within LUSU
    • Appointed by the Executive Committee
    • Approved by the Board of Directors
    • No later than the third week of the Fall Term
  4. LUSU President



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