Your student union leadership & staff

Sukhraj Grewal


The LUSU President is the Chief Executive of the student union, serving as the voice of students to Lakehead University, the community, and government. The President is responsible for the general oversight and strategic direction of the corporation. They lead LUSU’s campaigns and advocacy work, are in charge of coordinating LUSU’s communications strategy, and serve as the union’s primary liason with media.

Prabhjot Singh Ahuja

V.P. Operations & Finance

The VP Operations and Finance is LUSU’s Treasurer, responsible for overseeing the corporation’s multi-million dollar budget, investment portfolio, businesses (The Outpost and The Study), and services (Universal Bus Pass, Health and Dental Plan, Handbook). The VP Operations and Finance also works with LUSU’s General Manager and other senior managers to oversee the student union's internal practices.

Amla Sandur

V.P. Advocacy

LUSU’s VP Advocacy spearheads student life, and is in charge of academic advocacy at the individual and policy levels. They serve as the main support for students with academic grievances, and are the LUSU liaison to the Lakehead Senate, the body responsible for the university’s academic policies. The VP Advocacy oversees LUSU’s student centres and events programming, including Orientation and Winter Carnival, and is the primary support for student clubs organized through the student union.

Rachel Murray

V.P. Orillia
705.330.4008 ext.2181

LUSU’s VP Orillia is in charge of the corporation's operations in Orillia. The position is the Orillia equivalent of a hybrid between the VP Advocacy and President, putting them in charge of Orillia's student life and advocacy, as well as leading campaigns and community relations at LU's Southern Ontario campus.

Bryant Kotyk

Services Officer

The Services Officer is responsible for managing the Health and Dental plan, administering the U-Pass and responding to general inquiries about the Student Union. In addition they facilitate room bookings for clubs and other student groups. Plus lot's more!

Muhammad Azhar

Finance Officer

The Finance Officer is responsible for the daily accounting and payroll functions for LUSU. This includes the Study Coffeehouse, The Outpost, LUSU Clubs, Student Centres, and Office Staff. If you have any club banking or questions please drop by the LUSU office.

Angela Calaiezzi

General Manager

The General Manager reports directly to the Vice-President Operations and Finance, or, where required, the Executive Committee. The General Manager assists the Executive Committee in overseeing all operations of the Corporation, including, but not limited to, financial, human resources, health and safety, maintenance, business operations, and services. The General Manager is the most senior operational Staff member of the Corporation.

Leigh Castle

Orillia Campus Coordinator
705.330.4008 ext.2180

The Orillia Campus Coordinator assists students with LUSU's many services, including the U-Pass, Food Pantry, room and space bookings, club information and finances, and the LUSU Health and Dental Plan and much more. If you are in Orilla and have any inquiries about LUSU, our services, or what we can offer you, please contact the Orillia Campus Coordinator.

Phi Yen

Student Outreach Officer

Caine Smith

Communications Officer

The Communications Officer is responsible for maintaining our internal websites, advertising and marketing campaigns. This includes all of LUSU's Centres, the Outpost and The Study. In addition to this, the Communicaitions officer also assists clubs and other campus groups to help promote themselves and their events.

Noreen Gracey

Study Coffeehouse Manager

I am responsible for the daily operations of the Study. It is my goal to ensure you have a great place to come take a break or have a study session. While you are at it, have a great coffee or tea and a snack! Keep in mind we also have many great events through out the year, so if you are looking for a more intimate location to host your function, send me a message.