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Clubs are the cornerstone of student life at Lakehead University. Whether you're interested in sports, movies, video games, politics, or academics, a club exists to fill your need to broaden your ways of thinking and doing. Almost anyone can join any club on campus, and it takes only a bit of effort to start one yourself!

Starting or Renewing a Club

Who can start a club?

Any student at Lakehead University can start a club by collecting at least 5 signatures from fellow students who are interested in being members. You can get started by getting the clubs handbook and reading through it.

Is there funding available for clubs?

Every year, all clubs with at least 10 members receive $200 in automatic funding. When submitting your application or renewal, make sure you've collected at least 10 signatures to qualify for the funding grant.

Once you have your club approved, you can also fill out a funding request.

Funding Request Form

How long does my club retain its status?

Official clubs that have successfully filed all the paperwork and been approved by LUSU retain their status until September 30 of the following year. Every club must file a renewal every year in order to continue being a club.

When are applications or renewals due by?

Applications and renewals must be received by October 15 in order to be considered for status. LUSU will review all applications and grant official status by the end of October. If you are an existing club that has filed the renewal form by the deadline, you may continue to operate even during the period where LUSU is processing renewals.

Okay, let's do it

Step 1: Read the Clubs Handbook

The Clubs Handbook contains all the information you need to run a successful club. It contains instructions on how to fill out applications and renewals, as well as all the formalities that observe during their tenure.

Read the Handbook

Step 2: Fill out the application

The application form is all done online, after which you have to turn in your signed forms to the LUSU office. Make sure you read the Clubs Handbook first, as it will guide you through the application process.

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Create or Renew a Club

Joining a Club

Check out the clubs directory for a list of all of the clubs you can be a part of at Lakehead University. If you don't see one you like, you should consider creating one!