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LUSU 2023-2024 General Election


Polls are open from March 14th at 8:00AM to March 21st at 11:59PM.

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Meet Your Candidates

for President

Wadika Faisal

Wadika Faisal is a 4th year Civil Engineering Student with a minor in computer science. She currently serves on the Lakehead University Senate, and the Academic Appeals Committee. She is the VP External for the Engineering student’s society (ESS), Co – Chair for the Professional Engineers of Ontario Student Conference, Board Member and strategic plan advisor for the Edmonton Regional Heritage Fair and VP Sponsorship for the 2023 Canadian Engineering Competition. Wadika brings to teams a strong understanding of financial and operational systems alongside a deep passion for advocacy centered around students and minorities. On Sunday’s, you will find her playing soccer and volleyball as an intramural’s participant. Most weekday nights you will catch her trying new coffee shops in hopes of finding the best blend in Thunder Bay alongside a gluten free scone. To find out more: votewadika.ca.

Katie Simmons

My name is Katie and I'm a candidate for LUSU president! I am a passionate student advocate that strives to create an inclusive and approachable environment in my various endeavors. My assertive communication and intentional and compassionate approach to life make me a strong leader. I’m the VP Finance of Outdoor Recreation Student Society and am involved with other clubs, and have held student leader positions within Lakehead such as Reslife, Student Success, and Senate (deans, faculty, and student reps. making decisions about educational policy). My involvement within Lakehead has given me immense knowledge of the inner workings of the university which is a key asset as your president. I have been advocating for diversity, inclusion, and collaboration throughout my student career and will bring that to the forefront of the presidential role. With my understanding of the food security concerns and international student issues I will bring my campus and community connections in to help support these challenges. Other key items I wish to start working on include: enhancing communication between students and LU, bringing sustainable period product access to students, continuing to make Lakehead an inclusive environment, and providing a listening and solution-oriented ear to your student concerns. I know that Lakehead is a special place because of each of you, and will ensure you have the best representation possible with a passionate and dedicated leader.

Yash Gahlot

I am Yash Gahlot, running for the post of the President of LUSU. I’ve served as the Senate Member of the Academic Appeals Committee and in various other positions and awareness programs. I plan to use my experience to make changes in the administration of LUSU for the betterment of the students.

My Goals for the upcoming term include Transparency and Accountability. Where I plan to make the decision-making process and finances of the LUSU completely transparent and accessible to all students, making it possible for all to hold the union accountable for what it does for them. Also making sure that the students' voices reach the university's administration. I plan to reach out to all students of LU, regaining their love and faith back in the student union. Let them know that LUSU stands strong along with them for their welfare and spread awareness of all the benefits and services it will provide for them. While advocating for a justifiable study load and more campus jobs for students to make their lives comfortable. Gaining the trust of the students through our actions is my number one priority.

Because together we can and we will!

for Vice-President Operations & Finance

Yamandeep Malhi

My name is Yamandeep Malhi and I’m seeking re-election for the position of Vice President Operations and Finance. I’m a recent LU graduate from the Applied Life Sciences program. I’ve been involved with LUSU for over four years in different roles, including VP Finance for the past two terms, Board of Directors and several committees. My experience allowed me to gain a holistic understanding of the Union and form strong connections with the senior administration team. I also have extensive volunteer experience and received the Ontario Volunteer Service Award. 

As VP Finance, I accomplished various goals listed in my previous campaign. This includes re-opening the newly renovated Food Resource Centre full-time with an increased budget and staff. This made the space more inviting and contributed to minimizing the stigma around access to emergency food. In January 2023, LUSU donated $300,000 towards campus upgrades, scholarships and bursaries. This financial aid is accessible to international students. 

If re-elected, I will continue to engage with and amplify student voices as I have done in the past. My future goals include: 

  • Negotiating an optional bus pass for students.

  • Collaborating with local organizations to increase food support on campus. 

  • Increasing funding for the Food Resource Centre.

  • Advocating for enhanced mental health services, including a BIPOC and gender counselor.

  • Upgrading the Outpost to increase seating and enhance entertainment. 

  • Advocating for increased coverage under the student Health and Dental plan

  • Creating sustainable practices across campus, including investments in carbon neutrality.

As VP Finance, I want to ensure diversity and inclusion on campus. I urge everyone to reach out if you have any questions or concerns. Your voice matters and I am always available to listen!"

Kind regards,

Yamandeep Malhi

Sanpreet Singh

My fellow students, my name is Sanpreet Singh, and I am running for Vice President of Finance at Lakehead University. Today, I stand before you with an unwavering commitment to making a positive impact on our school community. I am excited for the opportunity to make a difference, and I hope you will join me in this mission.

As a student leader, I believe in the core values of honesty, integrity, and inclusivity. I understand the critical issues that our student body faces, such as food insecurity and high tuition fees for international students.

These issues affect not only our academic performance but also our mental and physical health, and they are holding us back from reaching our full potential.

This time, we need a leader who is not just committed to listening to our concerns, but who is also dedicated to taking action. We need a leader who is passionate about creating a more inclusive and equal environment for all. As your VP Finance, I will work tirelessly to address issues of mental health concerns, food insecurity, and improve communication with school administration.

I believe that every student deserves equal and fair treatment, and I will fight for that cause every day in office. But, I cannot do it alone. I need your support and vote to make this vision a reality.

So, I urge you to join me in making a difference. Let's vote for change, and together, we can create a better, more prosperous university experience for all. Thank you for your attention, and I am eager to serve you as your VP Finance.

for Vice-President Advocacy

Tristan Bhola

Tristan is in his second year of completing his Political Science/Pre-Law undergraduate degree. Originally from Toronto, Tristan has lived in many places, including Deleware, USA and Sarnia, Ontario, before he moved to Thunder Bay in 2021 to attend Lakehead University. In between classes, you can find him at his assistant job at LUSU's Multicultural Centre, where he takes great pride in aiding multiculturalism at Lakehead to thrive. Tristan currently sits on two of Lakehead's Senate committees, the Undergraduate Studies Committee and the Academic Appeals Committee. Outside of school activities, Tristan loves to stay active by working out, playing sports like basketball, American football, and soccer, and going on hikes. He also loves watching shows such as Narcos and movies like The Irishman. Tristan hopes to become LUSU's next Vice President of Advocacy because he believes that having tuition-paying students be heard and well-represented is essential to a healthy and flourishing university community. He will be the best student advocate because of his passion for standing up for everyday students, his background in Political Science/Pre-Law, and his ability to be outspoken when fighting for what is right.

Thank you,


Ace Hashim

Hello I’m Ace, and I am running to represent you as Vice President ofAdvocacy. I believe in the importance of student voice and working collaboratively with others to create positive change. As such, upon arriving at Lakehead to pursue my Masters of Public Health, I sought opportunities to get involved on campus and with the Student Union. I am the Sustainable Foods Assistant under LUSU’s Food Resource Centre. I served as the Student Union's Equity and Diversity Representative during my undergrad at Algoma University. In that position, I represented and advocated for student initiatives, events, and projects. I also served as the first Coordinator of Algoma University’s Sustainable Development Goals Student Hub. Central to my work at the Hub was leading a team of dedicated students to create awareness and engagement campaigns. In my Undergrad, I was also chair of the Mayor's Youth Advisory Council in Sault Ste. Marie, where I addressed inequities and systemic barriers that underrepresented youth face in the community.  

for Vice-President Orillia

Brandon Amyot

Shé:kon, Aanii, Hello! My name is Brandon Rhéal Amyot, I use they/them pronouns, and I’m seeking re-election as Vice President Orillia for your student union, LUSU.

I’ve spent the past ten years organizing in the community, ranging from focuses on the 2SLGBTQ+ community and Indigenous rights to the student movement and local social-political causes. In 2012, I was part of the founding circle of Fierté Simcoe Pride, where I gained much of my experience and to which I owe a great deal. In that time, I’ve engaged in several non-profit and grassroots organizations in the community, including Barrie Community Media, Engage Barrie, Supervised Consumption Saves Lives Barrie, and Make Every Vote Count Simcoe County.

I am currently a part-time student in Interdisciplinary Studies at the Orillia Campus with disciplines in Political Science and Media, Film, and Communications. I also have a diploma in Aboriginal Community and Social Development from Georgian College. I love baking, reading, going on adventures with friends, and learning new things in my spare time.

At Lakehead, I have been involved with campus life and fighting for students since my first year. I had the honour of serving in a staff role as Campaigns Commissioner for two years, where I introduced the Indigenous Solidarity Days campaign. I later was a member of the LUSU Board, where I began looking for ways to improve our union’s structures and engagement. 

During the first year of the pandemic, I was a co-organizer of the Don’t Forget Students campaign, which urged the federal government to deliver relief for all students in cooperation with the Canadian Federation of Students. Over the past two years, I have continued advocating as VP Orillia for safer learning environments, better services for students, and a stronger campus community. In the year ahead, I’m ready to keep fighting and I hope you’ll join me in fighting — for Lakehead, for students, for our future.

In solidarity, 


Want to connect with me?




for Thunder Bay Board of Directors

Utsav Akbari

 Hello everyone, I am Utsav Akbari and I am running for the position of student representative on the Lakehead University Board of Directors. I am passionate about advocating for students and making sure their voices are heard at the highest level. My experience as a student leader has equipped me with the skills and knowledge necessary to make a real difference for students.

Apply pressure for consistent transparency and consultation from the University.

The University must meaningfully involve students in decisions impacting them.

              • Require mandatory reporting from the University on how student money is being spent to ensure program quality proportional to cost increases. This includes demanding 5-year metrics to report spending from faculties with Exceptional Tuition Increases
    • Advocate to administration that athletics fee plebiscite results be implemented  
    • Engage with administration through their review of Wellness Services to ensure walk-in counseling and physician appointments, without ‘urgent situation’

Equality, Diversity, and Inclusion (EDI)

I am committed to promoting equity, diversity, and inclusion at the Lakehead University. I will introduce policy to ensure that the university stays consistent in its stance on important community issues and provides learning opportunities for staff and students.

Increased Grants and Bursaries

I will work relentlessly to help create new grants and bursaries for those in desperate need. Bringing bursaries every semester Fall & Winter so that it help students. Providing financial aids to students based on financial state. I will provide more support to the clubs in terms of finance and external supports.

Magdy Alanani

Magdy Alanani, a Ph.D. student in the civil engineering department. With almost seven years of experience in student activities through different degrees and various exposures, I am passionate about the essence of my presence in my surrounding community with a multicultural experience through being a student union executive in my bachelor's degree, besides a Canadian experience through being a peer mentor for two executive terms and vice president for Lakehead Graduate Student Association. I consider myself a multipotentialite character with broad exposure that tailored my personality to fit for such a position where an overview knowledge to support students. My experience is not limited to one category as I participated in international competitions (e.g., Enactus national competition winner & Hult Prize), International conferences and meetings (e.g., ISWINT and CSCE). My study journey was through three different countries (Egypt, UK and USA) where I built an overview of other education systems, dealt with different management systems and was exposed to various perspectives. That being said, As a Board of Directors for the Lakehead Student Union, I am excited to bring my multicultural leadership and collaboration skills to the team. If you have any questions or concerns about my qualifications or experiences, please let me know, and I would be happy to address them.

Mehran Aziminezhad

Mehran is a graduate student at Lakehead University. He has extensive leadership experience, having led research teams and served as an executive member at conferences. Mentoring both graduate and undergraduate students has also been a significant part of his prior activities. Mehran is passionate about serving on the board of directors to keep students engaged and active through various plans and events.

Raunak Pal Singh Bhambra

My name is Raunaq Bhamra, and I'm thrilled to declare my candidature for a place on our university's Board of Directors. I am devoted to working for a brighter tomorrow for all of us as a committed and passionate student.

I have strengthened my commitment to advancing ethics, transparency, and enhanced communication between the board and the students throughout my time at this university. Via various clubs and activities, I have been actively involved with LUSU and have always worked as an excellent team player.

Helping others has given me understanding of how things operate and made it possible for me to comprehend the required modifications and ideas. I can guarantee you that I intend to play a proactive role in facilitating the corporation's business and affairs with the board and students. These guidelines are essential, in my opinion, to create a positive learning environment that benefits everyone.

As a member of the Board of Directors, I'll do all in my power to advocate for the needs of our student body and make sure your opinions are heard. I believe in the importance of open communication and collaboration, and I will take steps to guarantee transparency in all of our decision-making processes.

I appreciate you giving my application some thought. I'm excited to collaborate with everyone of you to build a better future for our university. In the coming days, I'll be discussing the different projects I hope to do if I'm voted to the board of directors.

I'd be delighted to hear from you. Please don't hesitate to message me!

Drashtant Chudasama

My name is Drashtant Chudasama. I’m excited to announce that I’m running for the Board of Director of LUSU for the 2023-24 election at Lakehead university. 

I am a third-year Honours bachelor’s in computer science student at Lakehead University. As an international student with a passion for leadership, service, and community building, I’m excited to serve the student community at my campus by addressing all the issues and challenges students face in which they don't even know where to go. Throughout my academic journey, I demonstrated a strong commitment to academic excellence and community involvement. I have been an active member of a lot of student clubs and my lakehead events, where I held various leadership roles, helping to plan and execute events that foster student engagement and success.

As an international student we can cross a lot of difficulties and challenges that we don’t know how we can resolve. There are various problems that we also faced coming from the pandemic year and going through all the difficulties reaching out to professors. As an international student I would really like to raise our voice to the university and get our problems into consideration. I have been the president of Lakehead University Indian student association and hosted various events to involve my community at Lakehead university. Also started the first ever Google Developer Student Club in the city of Thunder Bay for the first time, an initiative for engaging people for technology and forming a large developer community at Lakehead. With my extensive experience in leadership and community service, I’m well-suited to represent the student body on the Board of Directors. I committed to advocating for the interests of my fellow students, ensuring that their voices are heard, and collaborating with other members of the board to create positive change.

If elected, I promise to be a dedicated and proactive member of the board, always striving to advance the interests of the students I’m representing. I’m eager to contribute to the university community and excited about the opportunity to serve as a member of the Board of Directors. I will be sharing the various initiatives I want to bring to the student union, which is for the students, by the students that I would like to be taken on when elected as the Board of Directors, Thunder Bay. I would love to hear from you. Let’s meet and have a chat. Please feel free to send me a message.

Liam Fraser

I am Liam Fraser a 3rd year History and Political Science major. Just your average broke student who wants to know where the money is going. Like many people I’ve talked to, I’m fed up with the union. I’m sure everyone, just like me, has a story of either themselves or friends contacting the union with an issue and not receiving support, often not even a response. When going in search of our unions budget, I found out it is kept secret. I am running on the principle of taking the union to task, to at the very least, make the budget that we are all required to pay into at least visible to all of us, as well as question where every dime of our money is spent. Because in this financial climate, not many people have money to spare.

Maral Ghaedibardeh

My name is Maral, and I am a Ph.D. student at Lakehead University. I have been a headmentor and mentor for graduate and undergraduate students, guiding them for university admissions and career positions. Also, business development and fundraising activities are part of my previous experiences, which taught me the importance of effective communication and strategic planning. I am motivated to becoming a Board of Directors member to help students with their future goals.

Faraz Khorsandi

Faraz is a civil engineering graduate student at Lakehead University and a proud Iranian immigrant who has called Canada home for the past year. He is passionate about positively impacting Lakehead University and its community.

As a civil engineering student, Faraz has developed strong analytical and problem-solving skills, which he believes will be valuable in contributing to the strategic decision-making of the board of directors. He also has experience in project management and has worked on several projects that involved stakeholder engagement, budget management, and risk assessment.

As an immigrant, Faraz understands the challenges faced by newcomers to Canada and is committed to promoting diversity and inclusion in the workplace. He believes that everyone should have an equal opportunity to succeed and hopes to contribute to creating a welcoming and inclusive environment at Lakehead if elected to the board of directors, Faraz promises to be a dedicated and hardworking member, who will bring fresh perspectives and ideas to the table. He believes in open communication, transparency, and accountability and is committed to working collaboratively with other board members and stakeholders to achieve the company's goals.

Parth Patel

My name is Parth Patel pursuing Master of Science in Environmental Engineering. Being passionate about ethics and leadership, I have been in a Global Executive Student Committee as a Programming Director at AIChE- American Institute of Chemical Engineers and as Vice President of AIChE Ahmedabad University during my undergraduate (2019-21). Moreover, I have made a real change in the working of AIChE Global Committee and at my University, so with all the hard work I have put during my tenure I was a recipient of two Global Awards i.e. 2019 AIChE Freshman Award and 2020 AIChE International Student Chapter Leadership Development Award. 

Being elected as a Board of Director will be the next big thing for me. My main focus will be Inclusion, Transparency, and Student life at the University. I am an active member of the Senate Academic committee and am dedicated to making sure students get the most out of our student union. I am committed to representing the student body with integrity and am passionate about creating a safe and inclusive environment. I will use my experience and leadership skills to ensure the student’s voice is heard and that student needs are met. I am confident that I can make a positive difference in student life and am excited to have the opportunity to serve my fellow students.

Vote for me for better change at the University. 

Arsh Shaikh

Hi everyone, I am pleased to announce that I would be standing up for the LUSU position of Board of Director this year. I am a firm believer of supporting student welfare and that’s one of the main reasons I thought of contesting the election so as to help other students in any possible way.

My previous experience as an Undergraduate Student Representative at Senate Teaching and Learning Committee, where I actively represented students’ voice for almost 2 terms, certainly displays my interest and passion towards supporting students. Besides this, I have also been actively involved in LUSU clubs: Event Manager for LUISA (2022-2023), Treasurer for Pre-Med Society (2021-2022), and Brand Ambassador for ENACTUS Canada (2021-2022). I have also been a Mentor for Peer-Mentor for 2 terms and also served as an Orientation Leader for International students during this winter term. Based on my experience, I certainly feel like I would be a good fit for a role that demands representing students’ voice and helping them through various difficulties that they might come across their journey.

During my three-years of time at Lakehead University both as a student and as someone who has volunteered for the above-mentioned positions, I was able to connect with people, learn more about the possible difficulties that students may face and also work on some of the essential skills like student-interactions, leadership and being able to present views which are highly required for the role of Board of Director.

If given the opportunity I would certainly like to either continue or help in making new programs that can provide students with more funding options/ scholarship/ bursaries. I would also like to work on few aspects that might help students in finding a job after their graduation, and work on providing more opportunities to students during their university years. I would be more than happy to answer any of your questions/concerns or have a talk, so feel free to message me!

Sunil Semplay

My name is Sunil Semplay. I am a second-year Computer Science major at Lakehead University. As a passionate and dedicated student leader, I am excited to run for the board of directors of the Lakehead University Student Union. I am deeply committed to serving the student community and addressing the pressing issues that affect our daily lives.

One of the key issues that I want to address is the bus system. Many students rely on the bus to get to campus and around the city, and I am mindful that there are various inefficiencies in the existing model that pose difficulties for students to reach the destinations they need to go. If elected, I will try to carefully review and try to improve the routes to make transportation more accessible and efficient for students.

In addition to addressing the bus system, I understand the financial challenges that many students face. With limited funds, it can be tough to make ends meet and afford basic necessities like food. That's why I will prioritize making the food bank more accessible and open more frequently for students who are struggling to put meals on the table.

Moreover, I believe that building a strong peer mentor program is critical to helping students navigate the challenges of university life. As an international student myself, I understand how daunting it can be to adjust to a new culture and academic system. By strengthening the mentor program, we can help provide the support and guidance that students need to succeed.

If elected to the board of directors, I am committed to listening to the concerns and feedback of my fellow students and working tirelessly to create positive change that will benefit the entire Lakehead community.

for Orillia Board of Directors

Suzanne Pereira

My name is Suzanne Pereira, and I am pleased to inform you that I am a candidate for Orillia Board of Director. I am a third-year student in the Business program and my pronouns are she/her. My main priority is to create an inclusive and an engaging environment for all the students. By performing this, I will be an effective and accountable representative and ensure that I reach out to students and know what their concerns are, to assist their needs. I will focus on expanding more options to help students and will hold myself responsible to present the union with student concerns and get solutions that are within the rules and regulations of LUSU. 

Additionally, I have worked with LUSU as an Orillia Board of Director since November 2021, and I have knowledge of the tasks and duties they perform for students and want to work in the best interest for students. By performing activities and taking part in various events, has given me the opportunity to understand the students’ needs better, allowing me to explore effectively and work in their best interest. 

Feel free to connect with me through Instagram: suzanne_28p



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