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The LUSU President is the Chief Executive of the student union, serving as the voice of students to Lakehead University, the community, and government. The President is responsible for the general oversight and strategic direction of the corporation. They lead LUSU’s campaigns and advocacy work, are in charge of coordinating LUSU’s communications strategy, and serve as the union’s primary liaison with media.

VP Finance

The VP Operations & Finance is LUSU’s Treasurer, responsible for overseeing the corporation’s multi-million dollar budget, investment portfolio, businesses (The Outpost and The Study), and services (Universal Bus Pass, Health & Dental Plan, Handbook). The VP Operations & Finance also works with LUSU’s General Manager and other senior managers to oversee the student union's internal practices.

Our Treasurer

VP Advocacy

LUSU’s VP Advocacy spearheads student life, and is in charge of academic advocacy at the individual and policy levels. They serve as the main support for students with academic grievances, and are the LUSU liaison to the Lakehead Senate, the body responsible for the university’s academic policies. The VP Advocacy oversees LUSU’s student centres and events programming, including Orientation and Winter Carnival, and is the primary support for student clubs organized through the student union.      

Our Support

VP Orillia

LUSU’s VP Orillia is in charge of the corporation's operations in Orillia. The position is the Orillia equivalent of a hybrid between the VP Advocacy and President, putting them in charge of Orillia's student life and advocacy, as well as leading campaigns, events, and community relations at LU's Southern Ontario campus. The VP Orillia also does their best to support students studying on any other LU campuses outside of the Thunder Bay area.

Our Campus

Board of Directors

The LUSU Board of Directors sets strategic priorities for the student union and serves as the direct representatives of the nearly 10,000 students to the corporation. They are the guiding members of LUSU, voting on important motions, while also overseeing the Executives and ensuring the orderly and transparent operation of LUSU. Meeting 2-4 times per month, student Directors elected in both Thunder Bay and Orillia gain the experience of a lifetime while overseeing a $5 million+ corporation.

Our Oversight

The term of office for all elected positions is from May 1st to April 30th the following year. 

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LUSU Election Calendar (2024-2025)

Nomination Period: January 17th - January 27th

Campaign Period: January 29th - February 13th

Voting Period: February 8th - February 13th



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