Health and Dental Plan

We've got you covered for vision, drugs, dental, travel, accident and much more. Your coverage lasts all year (even after school ends), so you never have to worry about losing your benefits.

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Notice of 2019-2020 coverage extension

Access your health coverage

You can show your benefit card to the pharmacy or dental offices to arrange direct billing to the insurer. If you must pay out of pocket for an eligible covered expense on or after September 1, you can submit a claim online by creating an eProfile. With an eProfile, you can submit claims online, track your recent claims, subscribe to direct deposit, monitor benefit coverage, and update your personal information.

Have questions about your individual coverage or need assistance with claims?
Contact: WeSpeakStudent 1-800-315-1108 or ClaimSecure 1-888-513-4464

Benefit Year

Fall start students: September 1 to August 31
Winter students*: January 1 to August 31

*Students starting in the winter term are not automatically enrolled and charged the health & dental plan fee. You can opt-in to the benefits for $392.07 by visiting starting January 1 until January 30. The winter opt-in period is only open to new students starting classes in January.

We Speak Student

Who is Covered?

Students starting in September

All full time, undergraduate students registered in 3.75 full credit courses are automatically enrolled.
Look for LUSU Medical and Dental on your Myinfo account statement.

Part-time & Grad students can opt in to the benefits by visiting starting September 1 until September 30.

Students starting in January

Students starting in the winter term are not automatically enrolled and charged the fee. You can opt in to the benefits by visiting starting January 1 until January 30.

Students starting in Spring or Summer

You will not be automatically enrolled and charged the fee. Unfortunately, there is no option to opt in during the spring or summer terms.
Note: Programs such as the 1-year social work and some engineering programs begin in the Spring or Summer. Coverage does not begin until the Fall.

Still not sure if you’re covered or eligible for coverage?

Contact us:

Thunder Bay

705-330-4008 x2180

Opt In

Part-time & Grad students can opt in to the benefits for $392.07 by visiting during the opt-in period for your term start date.

  • Fall opt in September 1 - September 30
  • Winter opt in January 1 - January 30

Add Dependants

Students enrolled into the plan can opt-in their eligible dependants by visiting during the opt-in period for your term start date.

Submit Claims

For information on how to submit a claim online, or to download and print claim forms, please go to

You can also visit us at the LUSU office to pick up printed copies of the forms. If you're submitting a claim via the paper forms, you can send the completed ones via mail.

How do I Opt Out?

Only students who have alternative, comparable coverage are eligible to opt out of the LUSU Health & Dental Plan. Students who opt out will not be eligible to opt back in to the plan. Please review the opt-out policy if you have any further questions.

If you have comparable coverage, you may still not want to opt out
LUSU is now offering enhanced health and dental plans that allow you to maximize the benefits that are important to your needs. You may want to review the Enhanced Plans before you decide to opt

You are able to combine coverage through the LUSU Health & Dental Plan with existing health and dental coverage
In many cases this will result in 100% coverage of drugs, practitioners, dental, and other benefits, and may provide more value than receiving a refund of the Health & Dental Plan fee.

Opt-out period: September 1 - September 30
Applications to opt out will not be accepted after the September 30 deadline. Opt out by visiting during the opt-out period. You must provide proof of comparable coverage, which will require the name of the insurance company and policy number under which you are covered.

What you will need to opt out:

  1. Your personal information (DOB, LU student ID and email address, etc)
  2. Alternate insurance information: employer or plan provider, name of insurance company or first nations band or sponsoring group, group/policy number, and ID number or First Nations registry number
  3. Direct deposit for your refund: institution, transit and account numbers